Monday, February 25, 2013

Three area representatives talk issues at Solano EDC breakfast


By Melissa Murphy/The Reporter, Vacaville

A unique opportunity presented itself Friday morning as three state lawmakers joined local business and government leaders to discuss issues facing Solano County this year.
During the monthly Solano Economic Development Corporation breakfast, Democrat Assembly members Mariko Yamada, Jim Frazier and Susan Bonilla, shared issues that they're working on at the state level.
Bonilla, who now represents District 14 which includes Vallejo and Benicia, said this year is a time to restore voter confidence in government.
She said the passage of Proposition 30 will help do that.
"You put trust in the state government to make wise decisions," Bonilla said. "We're in a critical place right now in building trust so that we can look at moving forward."
Bonilla noted that before the tax measure was passed, money was cut from education to fill the state's deficit. She said some 400,000 fewer students enrolled in community colleges and 30,000 credentialed teachers were laid off.
Yamada, who represents District 4 which includes Dixon, said while her district boundaries moved she still has a "toe in" the county's northern portion and a vested interest in its economic success.
Yamada noted that Gov. Jerry Brown has emphasized the issues surrounding education, health care and the prison system, but argued that a healthy economy is key to any success.
Jim Frazier, who represents District 11, an area that includes most of Solano, said he's really living the dream by representing the district.
Frazier told the room of business people that he has been a general contractor for years.
"I have felt the pain," he said. "I'm at the state to encourage a better business environment."
Frazier said his desire to participate in public service started after his two daughters were on their way to Lake Tahoe in 2000 and one was killed in a crash. He said it was then that he made sure the California Transportation Department revamped that section of road on Highway 50 so that accidents would stop.