Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dixon OKs house-building proposal

Dixon OKs house-building proposal
By Melissa Murphy/
Posted: 07/16/2009

A new plan for housing in Dixon was approved Tuesday, and even though it is a critical part of the city's general plan update, it will be held in abeyance until new development and funding sources come to the city.

The housing element is a mandated component of the city's general plan and must be updated every five years. It is intended to anticipate the housing needs of Dixon's projected growth for all sectors of the population, regardless of income, age or ethnicity.

Council members approved updating the housing element and are expecting certification by the state at month's end.

"This is a significant accomplishment," City Manager Nancy Huston said. "This will help us set the future for new development."

Unfortunately, the city will have to postpone an update to its general plan because it lacks money.

"We can do a little of the work here and there, but the majority of the general plan will have to wait," Huston said. "There is no development, so there is no funding."

Funding for the housing element, $28,610, was set aside by the Redevelopment District. That primarily covered staff and city attorney time to prepare the various required ordinance changes.

Public input from several meetings of the general plan advisory committee also was included in the housing element.

One of those ideas resulted in added language to encourage universal design specifically for disabled access to new housing.

It also addressed preservation of single-family homes in the older residential neighborhoods. It will be facilitated by allowing single-family homes to remain, even after additions, in the multifamily zoned area.