Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vacaville in familiar place: Among top 100 cities in U.S.

Vacaville in familiar place: Among top 100 cities in U.S.
Posted: 04/22/2010 01:03:28 AM PDT

It's official -- Vacaville again has been ranked among the top 100 residential cities nationwide.
For the third year in a row, and the seventh time since 2002, Vacaville has been recognized in Michigan-based annual list of "America's Top 100 Places to Live."

Only three other California cities scored a similar designation this year -- San Diego, Santa Cruz and Temecula.

Vacaville Mayor Len Augustine expressed extreme pride in his city.

"We're always happy to be recognized. We're certainly pleased," he said Wednesday. "It is a safe city and a very united city. There's so many activities going on. ... It's an unbelievable place to live and very family-oriented. There's always something to do."

City Manager Laura Kuhn agreed.

"It's a true reflection that Vacaville is a great place to live," she said. "I moved here five years ago, and I love it."

The community is as diverse as the businesses based here, Augustine added, with something for everyone.

"If you can't find your niche here, you can't find it anywhere," Augustine said.

There's a lot of history to Vacaville, emphasized Gary Tatum, Chamber of Commerce president. Landmarks date back to the 1850s, a museum is dedicated to telling Vacaville's story and, more importantly, Vacaville is a genial place, he said.

"Our city personifies its people," Tatum pointed out. "And our people are friendly."

Public safety, he said, is also top notch. "People come here because it's top notch," Tatum explained. "Lots of cops from all over the Bay Area live here because it's safe."

Add to that great shopping and restaurants, he said, and Vacaville is quite an attractive destination.

"The Chamber of Commerce has always known that Vacaville is a great place to live and is thrilled that now everyone knows that," Tatum said, inviting visitors to come take a look at all the city has to offer.

To be considered for's list, a community is nominated and the business' editorial team selects the Top 100 Places to Live, as well as the Top 10 for smaller categories, based on interviews with local leaders; feedback from residents; and economic, environmental, education, crime, employment and housing data for the past year.

"Given the tough economic times our nation is facing, homebuyers have re-evaluated their priorities and are looking to relocate to communities that offer plenty of perks, but minimal hassle and cost," said Peter Meyers, vice president of research and content development at in a prepared statement. "While some cities are facing a road to recovery that could take years, others are poised for a quick rebound and already have seen growth. We wanted to highlight those cities that are on the road back to economic health."