Friday, April 18, 2008

Asian Supermarket Has Super-Fresh Seafood

Asian Supermarket Has Super-Fresh Seafood
By Ian Thompson | DAILY REPUBLIC | April 13, 2008

VACAVILLE - This city's first Asian supermarket has fish and crab so fresh they're still swimming in the tank.

Pick any country or cuisine from India, China, Japan or other parts of the Far East and the shelves of County Square Market on Peabody Road probably has it.

The store that just opened its doors Saturday is part of a major expansion by the Pleasant Hill-based specialty market.

Ann Lewald and her family, who owns the chain, are confident the growing Asian and Pacific Islander populations in the area can support the Vacaville store.

Solano County has a good number of small Asian food stores, but County Square will be the first with enough space to offer a wide variety of foods from all over the Far East.

'We are not tied to any particular ethnic food, but we offer a bit of everything,' Lewald said.

The store boasts a full line of meat and seafood, Chinese barbecue, whole roast ducks and pig, plus lots of fresh produce.

'We have all the fresh fish that you don't see in some place like Lucky's and Safeway,' Lewald said. The extensive selection is shipped from around the world.

Its deli has a wide offering of ethnic foods from chow mein to egg plants and takes particular pride in its dim sum offerings. Many selections will rotate to offer as wide a variety as possible.

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