Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dixon Company Earns County's First Green Rating

Dixon Company Earns County's First Green Rating
By Barry Eberling | Daily Republic | April 07, 2008

DIXON - A Dixon ink manufacturer makes its products for commercial printers the green way.

Triangle Digital INX is the first Solano County business to be certified green for its environmental practices. It meets various standards of the new voluntary county program.

'Becoming green goes back to our core values,' plant manager Heidi Dudley said. 'It's in our company culture to do business in a green manner.'

The company complies with all regulations for handling glycol ethers and other hazardous materials it uses. But it goes beyond simply doing what the law requires.

For example, it uses recycled pallets and then recycles them again. Computers automatically go into a sleep mode and then shut off when not used for a certain period of time. The buildings have low-flush toilets.

These and many other steps have been verified by county inspectors, with help from the Solano County Water Agency, Small Business Energy Alliance and other partners. Triangle Digital INX and the county celebrated the green certification Monday with a ceremony at the business.

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