Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 2008

Table of Contents
- Real Estate Roundup (October 2008)
- Solano County 2008 Index of Economic & Community Progress
- Did you know?

Real Estate Roundup (October 2008)

CBRE (www.cbre.com)
- 531 Getty Court, Suite D, Benicia – 11,520 sf lease to Instrument & Valve Services Company
- 2148 Beechcraft Drive, Vacaville – 5,700 sf lease to Square D Company

Colliers International (www.colliersparrish.com)
- 6350 Goodyear Road, Benicia – 35,790 sf lease to HD Supply, Inc.
- 6550 Goodyear Road, Benicia – 21,800 sf lease renewal to Blower Dempsey Corp.
- 6860 Goodyear Road, Benicia – 15,808 sf lease renewal to Interstate Electric Co
- 531-D Getty Court, Benicia – 11,520 sf lease renewal to Instrument & Valve Services
- 4767 Mangels Blvd, Fairfield – 1,441 sf industrial condo sale to Prabhjeet Grewal

Cornish & Carey (www.ccarey.com)
- 685 Stone Road, Benicia – 18,000sf – sale to 685 Stone Road, Llc
- 2487 Courage Drive, Fairfield – 21,169 sf – sale to Enoplastic S.P.A.
- 5130 Stone Road, Benicia – 17,386 – lease to Bay–Tec Engineering

Cushman & Wakefield (www.cushmanwakefield.com)
- 5130 Fulton Drive, Fairfield – 14,876 sf leased to Bay-Tec Engineering.
- 299 Campus Ct, Fairfield – 8,500 sf lease to Syndero

Grubb & Ellis (www.grubb-ellis.com)
- 2300 Boynton, Fairfield – 7,778 sf lease to SEIU
- 2850 Cordelia Road, Fairfield – 1,740 lease to Bay Area Intermodal

Archer & Ficklin (www.archerficklin.com)
- Downtown Dixon (1st, 2nd & B Streets) – 31,960 sf sale to Dixon Public Library District


Solano’s business, government and community leaders
get first look at long range economic studies

Business, government and community leaders gathered last week in Fairfield to receive initial findings of the long range economic development research project, funded by the Solano Economic Development Corporation in partnership with the Solano County Board of Supervisors.

Phase One of the study captured key economic and community trends that provide essential information to help position Solano County for continued growth in specific industry clusters.

The Index Study was presented at Solano Economic Summit 4. It measures the strength of the Solano County economy and the health of the community through key indicators which reflect fundamentals about long term regional health. Through these indicators it is possible to statistically reflect interests and concerns of the community and utilize these indicators for long range planning.

Sandy Person, EDC vice president, said that the Index represents a detailed thorough report of critical data –now available in one publication.

“This research tool simply means we can now access critical information quickly,” Person said. “Now, business, government, educational and community leaders can get the information they need in decision making. And, it will be easy to keep this Index updated annually.”

The Index will now serve as the basis for future studies by the research firm – Collaborative Economics. Doug Helton of the firm said the data gathered in the Index Study will guide the specific studies of industry clusters. The first cluster under study is life sciences.

“With Solano County now ranked in the top 10 nationally, it is imperative we study this area for guidance on how we can continue to take advantage of our potential,” Michael Ammann, president of EDC said. “The cluster study in this area should help decision makers focus their efforts to attract and maintain firms ion the bio sciences.”

Findings of the Index study showed:
--Solano County is producing growing revenues, incomes, jobs and firms.
--The county is more diversified and has both a larger youth and older population.
--Incomes are rising.
--Youth are healthier, but fewer are prepared for higher education.
--Crime rates have declined, but there is a recent spike.
--High home prices are dropping significantly.

Ammann said that the Index Study “…confirms what we have assumed –we are in good position for continued growth, but must overcome the current challenges of a poor national economy.

“In the coming months we help to maintain effective collaborations in our County and region that will position Solano County for the next growth opportunities.

“Locally we must all work together to improve our educational opportunities for our young people in Solano County. We need to reduce our school dropout rates, find ways to increase our classroom capabilities and look at job training for our residents.”

The Summit was sponsored by: Solano County, City and County Coordinating Council, Solano EDC, Solano Transportation Authority and the Solano County Office of Education.

The entire Solano County Index of Economic and Community Progress can be found at: www.solanocounty.com/economicindex


Did you know?

California ranked sixth among states in the number of turkeys raised in 2008, at 15.1 million. Yet Californians consume more turkey than residents of any other state.

What is the most popular form of eating turkey?
- Soup
- Sandwich
- Pot Pie
- Roasted
Answer: Sandwich, what else would you do with all of the turkey leftovers.

The Solano Economic Development Corporation’s mission is to enhance the economic vitality
and quality of life in Solano County communities through the attraction,
growth and retention of business and industry.

Solano EDC Team

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Sandy Person, Vice-President (sandy@solanoedc.org)
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Andy Turba, Special Projects (andy@solanoedc.org)

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