Monday, November 24, 2008

UC Davis Ranks in Top 10 University Startup Communities

UC Davis Ranks in Top 10 University Startup Communities

UC Davis' entrepreneurial community has ranked 10th in YouNoodle's first-ever list of the Top 10 University Startup Communities. You can view the list by clicking here.

> How is the list created?
YouNoodle has designed an algorithm to calculate each university's significance as a startup community. Significance is determined by factors including the number and quality of the startups in the university, activity of its groups, business plan competitions, availability of talent and investment in the area, and the success of past startups.

> Who uses the list?
More than 100 top journalists covering technology and culture are on YouNoodle to find the hottest startups. Many of the startups featured are discovered through groups. Since June 2008, YouNoodle has helped more than 20 startups get their first major national media coverage. Many startups have found funding through YouNoodle as well.

> What does this mean for the Big Bang?
We have come a long way - we are now at 105 members (compared to #1 Stanford's 5,614 members) - but we have a long way to go! Only 10% of those who subscribe to our newsletter are YouNoodle members. Our goal is to improve that number to at least 50%. By building up our YouNoodle entrepreneurial community, we are building up a network of resources for our members and startups.

At the beginning of 2009, the rankings will be re-calculated and we will want to ensure that UC Davis is still in the top 10! So join YouNoodle today and add your startup/business idea.