Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 2009 

Cornish & Carey (
  • 4251 Park Road, Benicia - 8,030 SF lease to C&C Automotive
Colliers International (
  • 535 Getty Court, #E & F, Benicia - 20,160 SF lease renewal to Gunnebo Entrance Control Inc.
  • 6860 Goodyear Road, Benicia - 15,808 SF lease renewal to Interstate Electric Company
  • 3140 park Road, #B, Benicia - 2,400 SF lease to Lawrence Custom Floors
  • 5001 Fermi Drive, Fairfield - 71,550 SF lease to Crystal Geyser Water Company
  • 4705 Mangels Blvd., Fairfield - 2,155 SF lease to PHM Services, Inc.
  • 4717 Mangels Blvd., Fairfield - 1,441 SF sale to E Davis
  • 2051 Cessna Drive, Suite 100, Vacaville - 12,375 SF lease to Vacaville Fruit Co., Inc.
  • 190 S Orchard Road, Suite B-115, Vacaville - 2,175 SF lease to Bronico Incorporated
Cushman & Wakefield (
  • 801 Chadbourne Road, Fairfield - 29,520 SF least to Diablo Valley Packaging
  • 4820 Business Center Drive, Fairfield - 27,000 SF lease renewal to Geovera Insurance
  • 4820 Business Center Drive, Fairfield - 2,650 SF lease to Dr. Gupta
  • 4820 Business Center Drive, Fairfield - 2,500 SF lease renewal to Nelson Staffing
Premier Commercial (
  • 260 Link Road, #C, Fairfield - 1,700 SF lease to Chad Pananganan

Lots of "Energy" Forecast for Solano's Future

Energy Cluster Cover JPEGThis month's EDC breakfast event gave attendees lots to think about: Solano County has lots of wind and sun, and is located in one of the nation's largest research areas, making it the perfect place for renewable energy.
Economic researchers paint a rosy picture for Solano County's energy growth opportunities in the energy sector.

Collaborative Economics has just completed research into the history and potential for economic grown for Solano's energy cluster.  The conclusion: "Solano is rapidly creating new (energy) opportunities for economic prosperity and job growth."
"We are strategically placed," Michael Ammann, president of EDC said. "There is billions of dollars being invested in clean energy research in Northern California, and Solano has both the land and workforce skills to become a key player in this vital new industry.  But, to take full advantage we need to begin working on a unified, dedicated effort.
"Can we pull our policy folks together to get this done?" Michael Ammann, president of Solano EDC asked during the meeting.
Doug Henton, president of Collaborative Economics, presented findings of the study, and told attendees "...this is a very exciting time for investment."
Henton said that the renewable energy cluster in Solano County is ", small today, but it is fast growing."
In the past 10 years the energy growth in Solano County has been constant.  Still small, this industry cluster promises great potential as more emphasis is placed on clean, renewable energy sources.
One way to "jumpstart" opportunities in this field is through a unified, cooperative support to attract both research and production industry.
Both Solano EDC and the County of Solano are dedicated to spearheading a more collaborative effort that will increase the opportunities in this field.
Ammann told attendees that Solano EDC is ready to work actively with both private and public sectors to create a strong, viable collaboration that can result in faster energy growth opportunities.
Board of Supervisors chair John M. Vasquez said: "All of you need to have that edge (over other counties)--that hook that makes you just a little different than the rest (of the region)."  
Currently there are some 20 clean energy generation (solar and wind) projects, energy conservation, and clean transportation efforts in Solano and employment has increased 71 per cent in this energy cluster since 1995.
Although the energy cluster is small compared to other industries, it promises to afford high growth potential in the years ahead.

Time to Renew Membership in Solano EDC
Now's the time to join or renew your Solano EDC membership.  The 2010 membership drive was kicked off last month.  For more than 25 years EDC has served the interests of Solano County.  Now, more than ever before, funding is needed to maintain this on-going activity which has guided Solano's economic development.   Budget cuts in the public sector have greatly reduced city and county capabilities to fund EDC as past levels, and the Board of Directors is urging private sector organizations to help keep funding at current levels.  The Board is committed to assuring that EDC is functioning at a level that can help during these tough times, and also position Solano to take full advantage of the sure-to-come opportunities in the months ahead. 
So, join today, to help assure a bright future for our communities and residents.  Call 707 864-1855 for more information.

Membership in Solano EDC is truly a worthwhile investment for a better tomorrow!

Did you know? - Turkey Trivia
Did you know that 90% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving but only 50% of Americans eat turkey on Christmas. 

Q:  What country eats the most turkey a year per capita?

A:  It's not the US; Israel eats the most turkey a year per capita.

Q: What great American statesman lobbied to make the turkey the national symbol?

A:  Benjamin Franklin, I am sure glad he did not get his way, would that mean we would be eating a Bald Eagle instead of a turkey on Thanksgiving?

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