Monday, March 24, 2008

Major Revamp Ahead For Fairfield Roads

Major Revamp Ahead For Fairfield Roads
Article Launched: 03/23/2008

Fairfield will kick off a project this summer to improve traffic circulation in the northeast sector of the city and improve access to Interstate 80.

The project has an estimated total construction cost of $24 million.

The first of two components will cost approximately $14 million and is called the I-80/North Texas Street Overcrossing and Interchange Project.

It includes widening the overcrossing from two lanes to four lanes and the addition of a sidewalk on the south side, providing access for both pedestrians and cyclists.

The project includes a seismic retrofit of the roughly 40-year-old bridge and relocation of the I-80 easterly on- and off-ramps to a new signalized intersection at Manuel Campos Parkway. Relocating the freeway on- and off-ramps will allow left turns for the Rolling Hills neighborhood from North Texas to eastbound I-80.

The second component will cost approximately $10 million and is called the North Texas Street/Nelson Road Realignments and Manuel Campos Parkway Extension Project.

This project realigns and widens North Texas Street from Dickson Hill Road north to a future intersection with Manuel Campos Parkway.

It will also relocate Nelson Road to the east of the existing commercial properties. The project will extend Manuel Campos Parkway from Dover Avenue to the improved I-80 /North Texas Street interchange.

The realigned North Texas Street and realigned Nelson Road will intersect the newly extended Manuel Campos Parkway at a signalized intersection.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by late February 2010. The project is funded using local developer fees, the North Texas Street Benefit District and construction license tax.

"This project is much needed to improve the traffic circulation in the northeast section of Fairfield," said Gene Cortright, Fairfield's Public Works Director in a press release.

The city will ensure access to affected businesses on North Texas Street.

The city says residents should expect scheduled day and night work for improvements to the bridge and North Texas Street realignments during the construction period.

If residents have any questions regarding the construction of the project, contact Thanh Vuong, project engineer, at 427-7017. For retail or commercial inquiries call Karl Dumas at 428-7454.

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