Monday, March 17, 2008

Solano County's Lynch Canyon Open Space praised by Sunset Magazine 3/10/2008

Lynch Canyon Open Space praised by Sunset Magazine 3/10/2008

Local readers of Sunset Magazine found that the “secret” beauty of Lynch Canyon Open Space is no longer a secret.

On Page 28 of the March 2008 edition, Lynch Canyon Open Space is listed as one of the seven hidden wonders of the West.

The magazine’s vivid descriptions include: “In March, Irish-green hillsides rule this new preserve between San Francisco and Sacramento. … spackled with California poppies and Johnny-jump-ups, golden eagles and other raptors soaring overhead, and the panoramic views of Mt. Tamalpais and the Golden State.”

“This beautiful countryside is a precious gem in Solano County, and I’m glad to see that it’s getting the recognition that it truly deserves,” said Supervisor Barbara Kondylis.

Other recent articles featuring Solano County include:

• Solano County was mentioned in the January-March edition of California Agriculture as one of 10 areas across the state that participated in a case study on the implementation of Workforce Investment Act youth workforce development programs. The research involved Carole Paterson, director of the U.C. Cooperative Extension, and Robert Bloom, president of the Workforce Investment Board. California Agriculture is a peer-reviewed research and news journal of the Division of Agriculture and National and Human Resources of the University of California.

• The Feb. 25 edition of County News cited the work of Solano County in its national review of efforts to address childhood obesity. The article highlighted the 2006 Solano County Youth Obesity Prevention Summit which led to a second summit that year on the built environment. As a result, the participants committed to improving the walking routes to schools so children could increase their physical exercise by safely walking to school. An outcome of those summits is the recently adopted Solano Transportation Authority’s Safe Routes to School program. County News is a publication of the National Association of Counties.

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