Friday, September 11, 2009

Construction Booming in Benicia

Benicia has three commercial construction projects underway in a 2-block area.  The Eastside, around East 5th and Military, is a commercial district that has seen new businesses in the past couple of years (such as Rosanna's European Bakery in Sunshine Plaza), and now is getting almost $3 million of new construction. Each project is valued at about $1 million.
  • The Anand medical office building, 5200 square feet, at 1208 East 5th Street;
  • Holiday Inn Express, 51 guest rooms, at 1375 East 5th Street (targeting a late October opening);
  • And the new Big O Tires, 11,000 square feet, rebuilding after a fire at 415 Military East.
Very few communities have as much going on right now - Benicia is fortunate to have this construction as well as the benefits these projects will create once they are open for business.