Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vallejo High eager to show off library

Vallejo High eager to show off library
By Shauntel Lowe
Posted: 09/23/2009

Vallejo High School Principal Lloyd Cartwright is looking forward to showing off his site's standout features -- including its recently revamped library -- during an upcoming open house.

"I feel like we've died and gone to heaven with what we've got in there now," he said of the library.

The library has undergone a series of changes over the past few years thanks to state and local bond funding. With thousands of dollars worth of new books in the past few months, the library's transformation is complete.

It will be open for community viewing during the campus' back-to-school night Oct. 6.

"It's just a beautiful place to be in. I'm very proud of it," Cartwright said.

Various school clubs and local universities are expected to have booths at the back-to-school night.

The library's redevelopment is geared to provide students more information and resources to get them more involved in school.

Vallejo High Library Media Technician Diane Wyrick said circulation has gone up with the introduction of new fiction novels, particularly those from the popular Twilight series and urban fiction authors like Omar Tyree.

"The kids at this age -- if you don't present them with things they like to read, they don't read," Wyrick said.

Once a few kids noticed the new books, the word spread, Wyrick said.

The library's final transformation phase also included new furniture. Vallejo High senior D'Andre Bradford, one of Wyrick's student assistants, said he likes how a slew of new tables have replaced the old unsteady ones. There also are new shelves and computer tables.

Wyrick said the recent addition of improved search software has enabled students to more easily find books they want. Many female students search for romance novels, for instance, and can just type in the word "love" to find dozens or even hundreds of books on that topic.

The library, Cartwright and Wyrick agreed, has become a 21st Century media center.

"Everything's up to date now," Wyrick said.

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