Monday, June 16, 2008

Business leaders weigh in on the economy

Business leaders weigh in on the economy
East Bay Business Times
Friday, June 13, 2008

Although the "R" word is being tossed around these days, most business leaders surveyed for this section agreed that we're in a slowdown, not a recession. Here are what some of them had to say. Their comments have been edited for brevity.

Michael Ammann, President
Solano Economic Development Corp.

How has the current economic climate affected business in Solano County?

With the exception of the residential housing market, I think we're doing fine. Industrial is still very strong.

Copart just announced their revenues are up 20 percent and their stock has jumped. Genentech has finished but has not qualified its CCP2 project and Novartis is right in the process of expanding and changing the product flow in their facility in Vacaville. We have some $600 million over the next five years coming in for highway improvement.

I'm optimistic about the industrial and commercial markets. Overall we're doing pretty good.