Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Supervisors reaffirm decision to expand landfill

Supervisors reaffirm decision to expand landfill
By Barry Eberling | DAILY REPUBLIC | June 10, 2008

Some of the 260 acres that will be part of the Potrero Hills Landfill expansion a few miles south of Suisun City. The pictured barn will be just outside of the expansion area. Photo by Brad Zweerink

FAIRFIELD - County supervisors on Tuesday approved proposals for a larger Potrero Hills Landfill that could hold four times the garbage and last an additional 35 years.

The board reaffirmed a 2005 decision that later was overturned by Solano County Superior Court. By a 4-1 vote, the supervisors certified an environmental impact report revised to meet the court's objections and again approved a use permit.

Supervisors Mike Reagan, John Silva, Jim Spering and John Vasquez voted in favor of the expansion. Supervisor Barbara Kondylis voted against it.

Republic Services, which owns the landfill, still has steps to take before it can begin the expansion. Among them is getting a Suisun Marsh permit from the Bay Conservation and Development Commission.

Opponents of the expansion said they might take the issue back to court.

Potrero Hills Landfill is located in hills a few miles south of Suisun City. It takes trash from Fairfield, Suisun City and Rio Vista, as well as from various other communities within 150 miles.

The landfill sits on 320 acres, of which 190 acres is used to bury garbage. Republic Services wants to add 260 acres, of which 150 acres would be used to bury garbage. Because the new disposal area would have higher elevations, the landfill's capacity would increase from 22 million cubic yards to 83 million.

Without additional room, the landfill will fill sometime in 2011, according to Republic Services.

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