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Suisun Valley plan in the works

Suisun Valley plan in the works

By Barry Eberling | DAILY REPUBLIC | December 30, 2009 16:50
A farmer with Larry's Produce tills the soil in Suisun Valley near Fairfield. Photo by Chris Jordan
FAIRFIELD - Solano County by next summer could finish crafting a plan to turn Suisun Valley into a magnet for tourists seeking wine, fresh produce and a rural atmosphere.

The county spent much of 2009 working on the plan and meeting with interested parties, holding three community workshops along the way. As a starting point, it used as a description of the 9,000-acre valley that is partly a dream.

'Suisun Valley is a unique farming region that supports profitable family farms and quality of life for all of its residents,' the vision statement says. 'It is a destination for tourists seeking world-class wine, identifiable Suisun Valley farm products and a beautiful agricultural landscape with no fallow land.

'The Suisun Valley appellation is so famous that it creates new markets and increases demand for Suisun Valley wine and other farm products from the region.'

Next comes a plan detailing how to make this vision a reality. The county released a version in October which, while looking polished, was called a preliminary public review draft, a kind of step before the official draft. Valley residents and other interested parties got to comment at a workshop.

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