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City of Fairfields Cordelia Industrial Park has lot to offer

Cordelia Industrial Park has lot to offer
By Brian Miller and Karl Dumas | December 11, 2009

While meeting with the owners of The Picture Company on Fulton Drive for our last column, we happened to notice that Cordelia Industrial Park is a hotbed of innovative companies. Our column this week focuses on this developing industrial and commercial district, which many residents may never have visited although the park supports a significant amount of economic activity.

Cordelia Industrial Park is located along Interstate 680 in South Cordelia along Fulton Drive between Lopes Road and Watt Drive. The industrial area includes 102 acres and has a General Plan designation of business and industrial park. There are about 13 acres available within the park.

This industrial district has an interesting mixture of building types and sizes. Two of Fairfield's largest industrial buildings, built for Ball Glass (Saint Gobain) in 1995, can be seen from the freeway near Rodrigues High School. The 330,000-square-foot building now houses Federal Express while the larger, 607,000-square-foot building has been occupied by Owens Brockway Glass Container Corp.

Other larger employers in the park include the new Comcast Data Center, Bay Tek Engineering, Glass Pak, Pacific Coast Steel, Dependable Plastics, Scott Lamp Company and Napa Valley Beverage. And Crystal Geyser has just signed a lease for a 70,000-square-foot building.

But Cordelia Industrial Park, like all of Fairfield's successful industrial districts, also offers a range of smaller commercial and industrial space suitable for newer and smaller companies.

'Cordelia Industrial Park is a prime location for businesses large and small that want to have access to the East Bay, San Francisco and Sacramento,' said Mike Miller, managing real estate broker for Keegan & Coppin Co. Miller has a 6,000-square-foot industrial condo for sale or lease at 469 Lopes Road, Suite A.

'The properties in the industrial park that front Lopes Road also have great signage visibility from the freeway,' Miller said.

Here are just a few of the unique companies located in the area that we noticed during our quick tour:

-- Dependable Plastics (4900 Fulton Drive) has grown to be among the top manufacturers of pressure formed plastic parts in America. They are a supplier to major medical and electronics corporations, with sales and engineering staff working closely with their customers to ensure quality design and manufacturing goals are met.

-- O'Hara Metal Products (4949 Fulton Drive) is a custom manufacturer based in Fairfield that specializes in springs, custom stampings, tools, dies, enclosures and wiring harnesses.

-- WEC Equipment and Machining Solutions is a division of WEC Welding and Machining, a spinoff of the historic American industrial pioneer Westinghouse Electric Company. They are a global provider of services and equipment to power generating and petrochemical industries. The local affiliate, formerly WEC Machining and Equipment, focuses on field machining, meteorology, electronics, machining product lines and field equipment.

-- Access Sales Associates (4949 Fulton Drive) specializes in Computer Numerical Controlled machines and machine tools.

-- Beutler Corporation (5170 Fulton Drive) is a national manufacturer and distributer of home and commercial heating and air conditioning systems. They also offer home digital controls and consult on difficult HVAC needs.

-- Dbi Beverage (237 Lopes Road) distributes products from all the leading beverage suppliers, including Miller Coors Brewing Co., Heineken USA, Crown Imports, New Belgium Brewing, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Diageo-Guinness, Pabst Brewing Co., Pyramid Breweries, Boston Beer Co., Anchor Brewing Co., Sapporo USA, Mendocino Brewing Co., Deschutes Brewing, Red Bull, AriZona Beverage Co. and Crystal Geyser.

n Select Products (4949 Fulton Drive) specializes in car audio installation products and services with facilities in Fairfield, Florida and England. Select now teams with national and international partners to serve the high-end automotive aftermarket.

n For something completely different, Cordelia Industrial Park is now the home of the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers (459 Edison Court). Michael Ellis has more than 30 years experience in dog training and competitive canine sports, and his coursework is designed to teach his methods to budding professional dog trainers.

As this brief tour shows, Cordelia Industrial Park houses a range of companies in diverse industries. If you are considering opening or relocating a light industrial or manufacturing business, or a company with business support services, you should explore Cordelia Industrial Park as an option.

Economic Notes is an update from Fairfield City Hall written by Brian Miller and Karl Dumas of the Fairfield Planning and Development Department. They can be contacted at 428-7461 or e-mail at or