Thursday, December 17, 2009

City to add signs promoting Suisun as a destination

City to add signs promoting Suisun as a destination
By Ian Thompson | DAILY REPUBLIC | December 15, 2009

SUISUN CITY - Proposals to put up electronic reader boards and murals to get more Highway 12 motorists to stop in Suisun City's downtown got positive reviews Tuesday night from the City Council.

'We need signs that catch people's attention,' said Mayor Pete Sanchez.

Better signs, he said, is an idea long past due for the town.

An ad hoc committee came up with a half dozen ideas that council members told Redevelopment Agency Director Jason Garben to move forward with.

The reader board, which would advertise city-sponsored waterfront events, and signs next to the train station announcing the waterfront district topped the list.

The committee also suggested murals on buildings facing Highway 12 and adding a second large sign to the water tank near Highway 12 and Marina Boulevard on the side facing the railroad tracks.

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